I was recently offered a subscription to Graze, a ship-to-your-door snacking company. I like the idea of their customizable, healthy, on-the-go snacks, and love the convenience of it.


When the free sample box came to my door, I was happy to see that is was made of biodegradable wood. The snacks that I received were spot on with my taste profile; I got Graze’s popping corn, Booster Seeds, Honeycomb Flapjack bar, and Pro Power mix. Unfortunately, there is a lot of plastic packaging inside the box. The plastic is recyclable, but the peel off top isn’t. I also highly prefer reusing and reducing plastics and other recyclables before discarding them, but these plastic containers are not very versatile.

I enjoyed the Booster Seeds on top of plain greek yogurt with blueberries and honey (an cold brew, of course). The pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds were a great, raw energy boost for the day. It was a good enough serving that I was able to use it for 2 snacks!


Next, I tried the honeycomb flapjack bars. They were too sweet for my taste, and had an odd, crumbly texture. This is the snack I got with the most ingredients (all clean) and sugar (16 g!), which is not my snacking style. I split the bars with a friend because they were too sweet.


Next, I enjoyed the popcorn. There was a plastic wrapper covering the microwavable popcorn bag. The popcorn tasted great, with no synthetic butter taste. I paired the popcorn with a bowl of roasted chickpeas, avocado, and greek yogurt for a filling treat.


My 4th and final Graze snack was the Pro Power nuts. The chickpeas and soy beans were crunchy and peppery, but I don’t think they paired well with the soft texture of the cashews. This was a crispy, peppery, protein-packed snack.


Overall, Graze was a C for me. The snacks were tasty and the portion sizes were good, but the excess of packaging was too much for me. Many of these snacks can be made simply at home with no waste (namely the popcorn, nut mix, and seed mix). Graze is a good option if you are on-the-go and do not have time to pack snacks, but I would rather spend less money and a few minutes to prepare these goodies on my own with zero waste.

Thank you for the snacks, Graze!

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