I love cold brew. Oh, I LOVE cold brew.

It’s less acidic that brewed coffee (the oils in the bean aren’t released since there is no heat involved), is more concentrated in flavor and caffeine content, and tends to have brighter, truer coffee flavors.


It’s also extremely easy to make, and only takes 18-24 hours!


And it’s zero waste! I always use a glass jar and freshly ground coffee (in a 100% recyclable package). Kuma coffee puts out some of my favorite single-origin beans, and they do an excellent job roasting. I usually have a bag on hand at all times!



Prep time: 5 minutes

Fridge time: 18-24 hours

Author: Envi Eats

Type: Beverage


  • Filtered water
  • Freshly course ground coffee


  1. Scoop the course coffee grounds into a jar and add filtered water in a ratio of 7:1 (water to coffee).
  2. Put a lid on the jar and shake gently. Place in fridge for 18-24 hours (it should look like 3rd photo above at this point).
  3. After 18-24 hours have passed, remove the jar from the fridge and strain the grounds from the cold brew liquid. I typically use a reusable cheese cloth or clean dish towel for this.
  4. Enjoy as is, over ice, with flavor additions, or watered down (as this is concentrated relative to regularly brewed coffee!).
  5. Keep seal in the fridge for up to a week.


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